Captain Jon Carter has had a passion for fishing ever since he

could remember. Growing up in the Carter family, fishing has

been a focal point of his life from the time he was able to hold

a rod and reel. As a child Captain Jon mirrored his father and

older brothers' techniques and fishing styles. Over the years

he has polished these techniques and developed his own style

                                                         of fishing that has proven to be successful. The customers' success is

                                                         Captain Jon's main goal everyday he steps foot into his boat. This

                                                         mentality is branded into his mind. "It's my personal vendetta to put as

                                                         many fish into the boat and satisfy my customers everyday I'm on the

                                                         water. Failure isn't an option." As serious as Captain Jon takes his

\                                                       customers' success he hasn't lost sight that fishing is meant to be fun and

                                                        enjoyable. The customers' experience is just as important as catching a

                                                        limit of fish. "Creating a memorable fishing trip of a lifetime is what it's all about. Your success is my  success!"